Sunday, July 20, 2014


Belladonna by Fiona Paul              343 pages

This is the sequel to Venom.  I unintentionally read the third book in this trilogy before I read this one and I would definitely recommend reading these books in order.  It took me much longer than it should have to figure out what was happening in the third book than it would have if I had read this one first.  Cass is trying to forget Falco, who she seems to have fallen in love with but is completely wrong for her.  They are from entirely different upbringings and she is engaged to Luca anyway.  Unfortunately, Luca is in jail, accused of heresy and condemned to die.  Cass is determined to prove his innocence by finding the Book Of The Eternal Rose, which may also help her take down the Order Of The Eternal Rose, another of her goals.  This involves traveling to Florence, where the town is apparently besieged by vampires and Cass is forced to interact with Falco once again.  Surrounded by mystery and intrigue, Cass is afraid that she will not find the book in time to save Luca.  A good sequel to the first book, I would recommend the series to teen fans of historical mystery or drama type books.

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