Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rise and Fall of Great Powers by Tom Rachman

Rise and Fall of Great Powers by Tom Rachman
384 Pages

I don't know if anyone else read the Imperfectionists, but that was the reason I picked up this book to read.  Rachman's second book is nothing like his first but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.  This book is still an acceptable read.

Matilda "Tooly" Zylberberg lives a quiet and aimless life as the owner of a small failing bookstore in Wales.  When she gets contacted that her father is sick, she is called back to New Tork and forced to confront her past and find out answers to questions she has held for years.
The book shuffles between three time periods and we find that Tooly was taken from her father in Bangkok and raised by Sarah, Humphrey and Venn.  Now that Humprhey is ill, Tooly comes in contact with another old player in her life.  As the novel progresses more information is revealed and finally Tooly comes to understand why and how everything happened to her.

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