Monday, July 14, 2014

She Is Not Invisible

She Is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick, 218 pages

Laureth is convinced that her father is missing. He is supposed to be in Switzerland but she has received a message that someone has found one of his notebooks in New York City. Unfortunately, her mother doesn’t seem concerned, so it’s up to Laureth to find out the truth. She decides to go to New York and track down her father. She decides to bring her seven year old brother, Benjamin, with her. She is sixteen. And she’s blind. Determined to accomplish this, Laureth and Benjamin get to New York before their mother realizes they have gone. They meet the person who has their father’s notebook and get the first of many clues that lead them around the city, trying to track him down. This book might appeal to both teen mystery and adventure lovers, although the main focus is on the relationships between Laureth and the rest of the world, as she copes not just with being blind, but with the world’s misconceptions about her blindness. It was a really good story that a lot of teens could enjoy.

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