Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men

Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men by Molly Harper, 376 pages

In the second book in this series, Jane, having been turned into a vampire, finds herself as best maid in her best friend’s wedding. Zeb is marrying a werewolf, in a Titanic themed wedding, and not only is the bride’s family unhappy, but Zeb’s mother is doing everything possible to break up the relationship. Jane is tired of hearing about their problems, since she has to wear an awful dress and is still trying to find her footing, as a vampire, as an employee at the occult bookstore, with her family, and with her sire, Gabriel. She is really attracted to him but doesn’t believe that he will stay interested in her. Her sister still isn’t speaking to her, her mother won’t discuss the fact that Jane is a vampire, and Jane doesn’t have enough money to keep up the house. I enjoyed this book and think that anyone who liked the first book or fans of paranormal-type romance would also enjoy it.

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