Thursday, July 31, 2014


by Rainbow Rowell, 320 pages.

Georgie's relationship with her husband has been slowly falling apart over the years.  It is only further strained when she decides to skip the family Christmas vacation and focus on writing a television pilot for her career.  As Georgie has time to reflect on her decision, she tries to remember where her relationship began to go wrong.

While spending some time at her mother's house, she finds an old landline phone of her youth.  The phone begins to exhibit strangely magical qualities -- connecting her to moments in her past, and causing her to wonder if it's all really happening or if she's going crazy.  Ultimately, the conversations she has on the landline give her perspective on her life and where she is headed.

If you have never read Rowell before, I wouldn't recommend starting with Landline.  While it was still a very charming read, I would pick up Eleanor & Park or Fangirl first.   Landline was a nice read -- just not the finest example of her writing.   

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