Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Fangirl  by Rainbow Rowell, 438 pages

I picked up Fangirl after reading Rowell's award-winning Eleanor and ParkE&P was a beautiful story that I really enjoyed, so naturally I wanted to see what else Rowell had to offer.

Fangirl is the story of a young woman's transition into college life, her strained relationship with her twin sister, and her first experience in a meaningful romantic relationship.  Cath writes fan-fiction inspired by her favorite fantasy book series.  She's a talented writer and has gained a strong following of readers -- the only problem is that the stories, characters, and settings she writes aren't her own creation.  She can't seem to write her own original fiction, and only finds success building from and manipulating the existing book series.  Cath is challenged by her creative writing professor to share her own story, but she can't seem to find a way to build worlds or characters that are as meaningful to her as those in her fan-fiction.

Fangirl is a breezy, quick read that reminds you what it's like to navigate that awkward time between your teen years and adulthood.