Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fables 2 and 3

Cover image for Fables : the deluxe edition, book two / Bill Willingham, writer ; Mark Buckingham ... [et al.], artists ; Daniel Vozzo, Lovern Kindzierski, colorists ; Todd Klein, letterer.Deluxe Fables Vol 2 and 3, by Bill Willingham, 474 pages

I thought I had previously blogged about Fables 2 but cannot find the post anywhere so I combined 2 and 3 here.

Fables 2 highlights why this is in the adult part of the library and not the teen lounge. Between the nudity, assassination attempts, romance, murder and political scheming this book is quite thrilling to read. It also reveals more of the backstory behind the characters and highlights the history between them.

Cover image for Fables. The deluxe edition, Book three / Bill Willingham, writer ; Mark Buckingham ... [et al.], artists ; Daniel Vozzo, colorist ; Todd Klein, letterer.Fables 3 shows us that The Adversary has not forgotten about the escaped Fables. This marks the first confrontation we read about since they left the old world. Seeing familiar fable characters wielding swords and fighting makes you wonder how much cooler the old stories could have been. This book left me with a lot of questions, one of which being who is Baba Yaga, but also shows that the action in this series is just heating up.


  1. a) Did Kara talk you into reading these? and b) What volume are you up to? I've been reading these too (partially thanks to Kara), but just recently realized that I somehow completely skipped volume 5 (ack).

    1. a) YES! She made me do it...
      b)Have Volume 4 on request. I tend to only read these when I need a break from the thicker fiction.