Sunday, July 20, 2014

How The Choked: Failures, Flops, And Flaws Of The Awfully Famous

200 pages

This book talks about several famous people and the ways that they failed throughout their lifetimes.  Some of them succeeded at some of the things that they attempted but also had some spectacular failures along the way, some succeeded after their deaths, and some of the just failed, but became famous anyway.  For example, Susan B. Anthony, champion of women’s rights, did not succeed in acquiring the right for women to vote during her lifetime, but without her instrumental work. It may have taken much longer than it did. Thomas Alva Edison had many successes during his lifetime but also some monumental failures, not to mention that he wasn’t a very pleasant man. Benedict Arnold was a traitor and a spy to the United States but his plot failed.  These are just a handful of the people discussed in this book that uses a lot of facts and more than a touch of humor.  There are a lot of kids who might enjoy reading it and the book includes a very detailed list of sources that could provide further reading

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