Thursday, July 31, 2014


Sticks by Joan Bauer                       192 pages

Mickey is a pool champion just like his father was and he is determined to win the youth tournament at Vernon’s, his grandmother’s pool hall.  He is finally old enough to play and only one thing stands in his way: Buck Pender.  Buck is in seventh grade and next year he will be too old for the tournament.  He is a bully and Mickey hasn’t been able to beat him.  However, a friend of his father, Joseph Alvarez, has come back to town.  Before Mickey’s dad died, he taught Joseph to play and now Joseph is willing to coach Mickey, if his mom will allow it.  Through the course of the book, Mickey learns a lot about his family and what really matter sin life.  It’s a nice, simple story that a lot of kids can relate to.  This would be great for kids who like true life stories.

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