Monday, July 28, 2014


Cover image for Deadline / Mira GrantDeadline by Mira Grant, 584 pages

Deadline is the continuing of the series that started with Feed. It follows the blogging life of Shaun Mason and the rest of his crew and their blog "After the End Times". It also delves deeper into what happened to cause the original zombie outbreak and what happened in the first book.
Grant continues her interesting take on both zombies and the government response to an outbreak. There is a part in the book where they explain that the freshness of a zombie has an effect on the abilities that a zombie has. This is quite unique from the zombie books I have read and gives depth to the story.

Having finished this book and other science fiction books this month I am beginning to wonder why zombies get put in the fiction section while aliens or other just as believable themes get placed in science fiction.

Note: While the image seems to be stretched it is actually almost the same shape as the book, which pretty much looked like a stretched paperback.

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