Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Gates

The Gates by John Connolly                        296 pages

Samuel Johnson and his dog, Boswell, are out trick-or-treating three days before Halloween.  Samuel thinks that he is showing initiative but his neighbor is annoyed.  While he is out, he sees his neighbors, the Abernathys, performing some strange ritual that ends with opening up a portal to Hell.  Samuel realizes that the Abernathys have been possessed by demons and that they plan to open the gates of Hell so that the demons can come through and take over the Earth.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Abernathy saw him and realizes that Samuel knows more than he should.  She has set out on a campaign to destroy him before he tells anyone.  Also, Samuel has been trying to tell people but they don’t believe him.  Samuel is afraid that he may have to work alone to stop the gates being open while avoiding attacks sent by Mrs. Abernathy.  A funny, supernatural, action adventure that I really enjoyed.

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