Monday, July 14, 2014

Graduation Day

Graduation Day by Joelle Charbonneau, 291 pages

This was a pretty satisfying ending to The Testing series. At least, I am assuming it is the end. I suppose that the author could write more about this world if she chose, but I felt like this story was pretty well wrapped up by the end of the book. Cia, along with her friends, Tomas, Raffe, and Stacia, are trying to help the Rebellion bring about the end of the testing program, which has killed many of the chosen students, and caused others to meet a possible worse fate. The problem is Cia isn’t sure if she should trust the rebels any more than she trusts the government at this point. Of course, since her brother is currently helping the rebels she also needs to find a way to keep him safe. I really enjoyed this dystopian series about a possible future United States and would recommend it to fans of The Hunger Games and books like it, although I would also recommend that the books be read in order.

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