Thursday, July 31, 2014

Patient Zero

Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry           421 pages

Joe Ledger is planning on joining the FBI after several years as a detective when he is picked up by several agents who someone wants to ask him some questions.  The someone turns out to be a representative of the Department of Military Science.  And what he wants is to test Ledger to see if he’s right for their group.  He passes by killing a man.  The same man he thought he killed earlier that week in an operation.  Ledger is only told that he may be called on to help fight a terrorist group who, it appears, has the ability to create zombies.  This was an interesting premise and I really liked parts of the story.  There were parts that just didn’t flow very well for me though.  I will probably try the sequel still and see if I like it better because I have liked his YA material pretty well.  I think I just find some of the writing a little dry in places and scenes that should hold my attention just don’t.  Other people might like his writing style better than I do.  People who like action and horror type stories might like this book.

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