Thursday, July 31, 2014

Are You Experienced

Are You Experienced by Jordan Sonnenblick                       294 pages

Rich, a fifteen year old guitar player from 2014, finds himself in 1969 at Woodstock after playing a chord on a guitar he finds hidden in his dad’s study in the basement.  Rich always knew that his dad used to be in a band and that his dad’s older brother had died a couple of months after Woodstock but he didn’t know exactly what happened because his dad refused to talk about his brother at all.  His father is also a very strict, sometimes bitter person and Rich wishes that his father would ease up a little and maybe talk to him once in a while, instead of at him.  At Woodstock, Rich actually meets his father and his Uncle Mike and gets to know a little more about his father and his home life throughout his childhood.  Rich wonders if he was sent to try to save his uncle’s life and sets out to try to do just that.  This was a really good story that I would recommend to any teen that likes true to life stories with a little bit of fantasy in the mix.

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