Sunday, July 20, 2014

Edge of the Water

The Edge Of the Water by Elizabeth George        440 pages

In this sequel to The Edge Of Nowhere, Becca is still hiding from her stepfather, because she discovered that he killed someone.  She knows this because she can read people’s thoughts.  Unfortunately, the thoughts come through fragmented, so she doesn’t always understand what people mean by what they are thinking, which makes it a much less useful ability than you might think.  In this story, she and her boyfriend Derric have been having problems because Becca can’t open up to him as much as he has opened up to her.  This causes them to separate and we get to see how each person’s life moves on individually.  Meanwhile, there is a lot of excitement over a black seal that shows up in the exact same spot once a year, every year.  It doesn’t look like other seals, because it is completely black, all over.  A biology student has come to try and study the seal, thinking that it might be a new species or a mutant but some of the people on the island are vehemently opposed to her getting anywhere near the seal, although, one teen on the island, Jenn, has been trying to help her.  In the mix of all of this story, there is a girl named Cilla, who doesn’t speak, who was abandoned by her parents and who may be able to guide them to some of the answers surrounding some of the mystery about the seal.  I thought this was a pretty good follow up to the first book.  This is definitely something that supernatural mystery lovers would like, although, because of the focus on relationships, more girls may enjoy this than boys.

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