Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dandy Gilver And A Bothersome Number Of Corpses

Dandy Gilver And A Bothersome Number Of Corpses by Catriona McPherson, 309 pages

Dandy is at another case. This time, a childhood family friend, Fleur Lipscott, has cut off contact with her family and her sisters have asked Dandy to find out what has gone wrong. When Dandy and her partner, Alec Osbourne, arrive at the school where Fleur is teaching, they find a number of oddities. Dandy is convinced that something odd is happening at the school, Fleur has all but confessed to committing four murders, Alec uncovers a missing persons case in the village, and a body washes up on the shores of the lake. Unfortunately, Fleur disappears from the school almost immediately after Dandy’s arrival so they are left with another part of the mystery to solve. Can Dandy pose as a schoolmistress long enough to uncover the various mysteries surrounding Fleur? Set in 1920’s Scotland, this book is an excellent addition to the series and many mystery lovers will enjoy it.

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  1. I love the title of this book. One would think that any number of corpses would be bothersome, so the inclusion of that word in the title is a bit superfluous, though it also makes me want to read this book.