Monday, July 7, 2014


Cover image for Feed / Mira Grant.Feed by Mira Grant, 599 pages

Another of the forcefully recommended books! This one is another interesting zombie novel. Sometime in the year 2014 the world had cured cancer and the flu. Sounds great until the two super cures merge and create a zombie apocalypse. The news tries to cover up the story but the blogger world tells it as they see it and reveal the truth. And that brings us to where the story begins. 

In this new world the bloggers reign supreme as the source of news and compete for the ratings. The book follows bloggers Shaun and Georgia as they try to get by in the post-apocalyptic world while reporting the news and keeping their ratings up.

The zombies of the book are a blend of the traditional shambles mixed with a couple of the Hollywood features, like thinking. It also has a zombie test kit and a society that does not completely collapse when the zombies appear. 

I am not sure I like the ending but will likely still continue reading the series. 

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